Bart Defoort - Press

cd04On the CD " SHARING STORIES ON OUR JOURNEY " (2008) (with Emanuele Cisi / Ron Van Rossum / Nic Thys /Sebastiaan De Krom )


"One of the best and most beautiful Belgian Jazz CD's in recent years...A very relaxed and inspired record date with timeless jazz and a contemporary approach" - Jean-Pol Schroeder in magazine "HOT HOUSE".

" The quintet takes the listener on a beautiful journey, with quiet melodic ballads and also with modern ,modal and energetic compositions...One of the best Jazz Albums of this year" - André Joassin, LE SOIR.

" Compositions in the tradition of the great Jazzstandards with much room for each soloist to tell a nice story... The music is very comfortable ,but is never annoying,because each note is placed with care.You can hear that this is a real band that has already played a lot together. In his playing Bart Defoort is at the same time a story teller and a listener . - " Didier Wijnants in "DE MORGEN".

" With his 4 th CD as a leader, Bart Defoort made a very inspired and lively album. Beautiful counterpoint between the two tenor saxophonists , beautiful ballads and burning ,swinging tunes with lots of fire." - Karel Van Keymeulen , DE STANDAARD.

" The joy of playing together ,with a common love for swing and standards, is very clear . We have the impression of listening to a good record of the " Blue Note label-era " , played by a relaxed and interactive group with great solo's....what a Pleasure!" -- Bart Cornand, De KNACK-FOCUS

" A contemporary ode to Be-Bop and Modal Jazz . Defoort doesn't do this as a copy of this great era , but more with a contemporary view. This CD is not only the story of 5 great individual musicians , but also of a impressive Quintet. A beautiful gift from the always surprising Belgian Jazz scene...." - Rinus Van Der Heijden , JAZZENZO , Holland.

"The meeting of tenorists Bart Defoort and Emanuele Cisi reminds us of the early albums of Coltrane/Mobley , Cohn/Sims and Mulligan/Webster...A great rhythm section ,a real team. Timeless Standards and fresh written compositions blend well together. Though nothing "new" ,this music is clearly played with lots of love and passion,and is one of the best albums of the WERF label. " - Chris Joris , JAZZMOZAÏEK .

" A very impressive concert, five master- musicians bringing warm, modern and touching no-nonsense Jazz ...." - Concert Review by Pieter Claessens ,concert organizer ,as his favourite concert in the book "15 Years Jazzlabseries."


cd03On the CD " THE LIZARD GAME " (2003) (With Hans Van Oost / Bart De Nolf / Jan De Haas )

" When a Guitar and a Tenor " really" play together ,we get a wonderful melted sound,and that is what we get here. As a Saxophonist,Bart Defoort clearly builds upon the jazz tradition of the 1950-60's,like John Coltrane and Stanley Turrentine.Guitarist Hans van Oost plays in the tradition of Wes Montgomery,Kenny Burrell and Jim Hall. The compositions by Bart and Hans are well-thought ,constructed tunes with light grooves, a delicate bluesfeeling and beautiful melodies..." Karel Van Keymeulen , DE STANDAARD.

" This CD seduces from the first listening , on the one hand by the high quality of the compositions, often very "groovy",and on the other hand by the sound of the warm ,muscular tenor ,together in unison with the warm and fluid guitar sound of Hans Van Oost,in the tradition of Philip Catherine. It is on the ballads that we sense the very personal and poetic personality of Defoort ". Pascal Anquetil "JAZZMAN / JAZZMAGAZINE" (France.)

" This CD illustrates the high trust between the 4 bandmembers.The tight interaction between sax and guitar on "Busy Inside" and the melancholic tune "The Law Within And The Stars Above " is very deep and moving. The beatiful rendition of Mal Waldron's "Soul Eyes" and the funky composition " Playground" take it a step further..." Bart Cornand , FOCUS-KNACK

" Bart Defoort has a beautiful sound and a great timing. His compositions contain a lot of surprises while keeping a very lyrical side. This music is what one calls Modern Jazz: Groove related music with not only the jazztradition as a ingredient , but also funk and world music. It reminds me of the quartets that Michael Brecker sometimes had with Pat Metheny...." Ilja Reijngoud , MUZIEKTIJDSCHRIFT, Nederland.

"A CD that illustrates the full maturity of Bart Defoort's talents as a composer and a player..." Claude Loxhay ,JAZZAROUND

"The title of the CD is a methaphor for the jazzmusician who needs to have reflexes as quick as those of lizards, and who can also wait for the right moment to react while playing.......The level of the musicianship of the 4 bandmembers is outstanding, both as soloists and as a solid rhytm section. Six strong compositions by Defoort, three by Van Oost ,plus a beautiful rendition of "Soul Eyes" , Mal Waldron's gorgeous ballad. Sim Simons, JAZZMOZAÏEK.